CREEI Attends 2016 International Forum on Energy Transitions

From October 29 to 31, 2016, the second International Forum on Energy Transitions (IFET 2016) was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC. Hundreds of governments, enterprises and research institutes attended the meeting, including NEA, IEA, IRENA, People's Government of Jiangsu Province, People's Government of Suzhou City, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of Germany, Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan, Electricity Ministry of Egypt, Chinese Academy of Sciences, EDF, SGCC, CNPC, SINOPEC, China Huaneng Corporation, China Datang Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, State Power Investment Corporation, China General Nuclear Power Group, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, GCL Group, NDRC Energy Research Institute, China Electricity Council, etc. Mr. Yao Qiang, Vice President of Power Construction Corporation of China, and Mr. Yi Yuechun, Deputy Director Generalof CREEI, attended the closed-door conference and the main forum, and participated in the Sub-forum on Power Transformation and the Sub-forum on Renewable Energy. Mr. Yan Bingzhong, Deputy Director of International Business Department of CREEI, and other people also attended the forum. The main forum focused on “the Coordinated Development in Energy Transitions” as the theme, discussed global concerted actions, promoted the development modes of global energy to clean and low-carbon sustainable energy, and reached and released the “Suzhou consensus”. Eight sub-forums were held, including those on "Clean and Low Carbon Development of Fossil Energy", "Energy Internet", and "Collaborative Innovation and Development of Renewable Energy". CREEI and the China Electricity Council jointly organized the Sub-forum on Power Transformation. Mr. Yao Qian presided over the roundtable dialog session of the Sub-forum on Power Transformation. The delegates held an open discussion around the topics of “Coordinated Development of Smart Grid and New Energy” and “Low Carbon Power Transformation”, and formed a consensus to jointly promote green transformation of electric power. Mr. Yi Yuechun made the keynote speech of Leading Projects Promoting Reduction in the Cost of PV Power Generation at the Sub-forum on Renewable Energy. He presented the ways and achievements of reducing the cost of PV power generation in the leading projects in recent years, and pinpointed the main direction of technological progress and cost reduction of renewable energy in the future for heated discussions by the participants. The IFET 2016 was an international energy event sponsored by NEA, People's Government of Jiangsu Province and IRENA, and held by People's Government of Suzhou City and China Association of Circular Economy. The "Suzhou Consensus" reached at the forum is an important measure for actively implementing the Paris Agreement and responding to global climate change. In the future, China will pool the international forces, jointly promote the clean use of non-fossil energy, increase the proportion of clean energy in energy consumption, and jointly promote the global energy transformation development and cooperation.


Vice President Yao Qiang, PowerChina, Presides over the Sub-Forum Dialog Session


Deputy Director General Yi Yuechun Makes a Keynote Speech