CREEI and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) Sign Cooperation Agreement on Offshore Wind Power Indu

On the morning of Oct. 18, 2016, the China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Cooperation Conference and the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation was held in the Chinese Embassy in the Netherlands, with Mr. André Driessen, Acting Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China attending the meeting. Mr. Gu Hongbin, Deputy Director General of CREEI, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Ms. Wang Jixue, Deputy Director of the New Energy Department of CREEI, on behalf of CREEI, signed the Agreement on China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation, with Mr. André Driessen, on behalf of RVO. The meeting was jointly organized by CREEI and the Embassy of Netherlands in China, attended by the representatives of China Wind Energy Association, China Huaneng Corporation, China Longyuan Power Corporation, State Power Investment Corporation, Jiangsu Renewable Energy Industry Association, Nanjing Representative Office of Netherlands Trade Promotion Committee, RVO, Netherlands Wind Energy Association, Fugro N.V., etc. Mr. Gu Hongbin pointed out that the Agreement on China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation is very important based on the overall framework of the China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Cooperation Plan signed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and NEA in 2014, to promote the deep cooperation of the offshore wind power industry chain between the two countries. The signing of the agreement would play an important role in the cooperation and development of the offshore wind industry in the two countries. In the future, China and the Netherlands would combine the characteristics of their respective industries for technical exchanges and cooperation in the fields of foundation design and optimization, rock pile construction technology and equipment, offshore wind power cost reduction, industrial information platform and other key aspects, to guide the investment in offshore wind power projects, cost reduction and rapid industry development of the two countries. The Netherlands has made rapid development in offshore wind power industry, with the grid-connected installed capacity exceeding 1,000MW by the end of 2015, and has good engineering experience in foundation design, construction, operation and maintenance. Through a large number of technological innovations and standardized developments, the Netherlands accelerated its cost reduction of offshore wind power. In 2016, through invitation for bid, the Borssele #1 and #2 offshore wind farm projects achieved a reduction in the cost of offshore wind power to 100 Euro/MW·H, which was expected to be realized in 2020. At the same time, China set the goal of connecting 5,000MW offshore wind power capacity and constructing 10,000MW offshore wind power capacity in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The two sides have great room for cooperation in offshore wind power project development, cost optimization, standardization, personnel training and capital investment. At the meeting, the offshore wind companies also conducted multi-level and multi-angle technical exchanges on the design, construction, management, operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, and discussed how to more effectively and continuously promote industrial cooperation between the two countries. In the next stage, the Steering Committee on China-Netherlands Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation will further discuss the deepening cooperation and thematic research contents based on the specific requirements of the cooperation agreement, and deepen the cooperation in innovation, industrialization and knowledge transfer in the offshore wind power industry.


Deputy Director General Gu Hongbin Delivers a Speech


Signing of Cooperation Agreement