CREEI Hosts 2016 Closed-door Meeting of Sino-British Steering Committee on Offshore Wind Power Indus

On the afternoon of Oct. 20, 2016, the closed-door meeting of Sino-British Steering Committee on Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation was held in Beijing, Mr. Li Peng, Deputy Director of General Department of New Energy Division of NEA, and Mr. Stephen Ellison, Counselor of UK Department for International Trade on Energy, Infrastructure and Environment attending the meeting. Mr. Gu Hongbin, Deputy Director General of CREEI, presided over the meeting as the representative of the Chinese side, and signed the 2017 work plan of the committee with Mr. Garth Hallisday, the British representative. The meeting was jointly organized by CREEI, China Longyuan Power Corporation and the British Embassy in China, attended by the representatives of NDRC Energy Research Institute, China Wind Energy Association, China Longyuan Power Corporation, State Power Investment Corporation, China Ming Yang Wind Power Group, UK Department for International Trade, UK Embassy in China, British Offshore Wind Power Industry Incubator, etc.

As an important achievement of the 4th China-UK Energy Dialog, Sino-British Steering Committee Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation, under the guidance of the respective energy authorities of the two countries, has effectively promoted the cooperation and development of offshore wind power industry between the two countries, and has made comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in industrial research, project promotion and policy exchange. At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on the progress of offshore wind industry policy and the latest market opportunities, communicated in depth the difficulties and problems of the current industrial cooperation, and discussed how to promote the industrial cooperation between the two countries more effectively and sustainably.

As the world's largest offshore wind power market, the UK plans to reach a total offshore wind power capacity of 10,000MW in 2020. In 2015, UK installed a total capacity of 572MW, with the total installed capacity reaching 5,066.5MW, which ranks the first in the world. In early 2016, the Government of UK announced that it would invest 730 million pounds in the underdeveloped renewable energy technologies (including offshore wind power technologies), and reduce the feed-in tariff of offshore wind power from the current 105 pounds/MWh to 85 pounds/MWh in 2020. At the same time, China set the goal of connecting 5,000MW offshore wind power capacity and constructing 10,000MW offshore wind power capacity in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The two sides have great room for cooperation in offshore wind power project development, standardization, personnel training and capital investment.

In the next step, the committee will carry out special studies on key issues and difficulties that have been raised by both sides, continue to promote the implementation of important issues such as demonstration projects, and deepen cooperation between the two countries in innovation, industrialization and information sharing.


Deputy Director General Gu Hongbin Presides over the Meeting


Signing of 2017 Work Plan by the Respective Chairmen of Sino-British Steering Committee on Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation