Deputy Director General Yi Yuechun Meets with Dutch Delegation on Offshore Wind Power

On the morning of Oct. 12, 2015, Mr. Yi Yuechun, Deputy Director General of CREEI, met with the Dutch delegation on offshore wind power headed by Ms. Agnes Agterberg, Official of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The two sides held an in-depth talk on the development and technical cooperation in offshore wind power industry between China and the Netherlands. The representatives of the International Business Department, New Energy Department, Hydraulic Engineering Department, Construction Department and Electromechanical Department of CREEI were also at present.

Mr. Yi Yuechun first extended a warm welcome to the Dutch delegation on offshore wind power and briefly introduced the development history and major responsibilities of CREEI. Mr. Yi Yuechun pointed out that offshore wind power is an important driving force for the industrial development of renewable energy, and its development is of great significance. CREEI is the administration of renewable energy technologies in China. In the future, CREEI would combine the relevant requirements of the national offshore wind power development and fully support the technical cooperation with the Netherlands in the field of offshore wind power and promote the industrial cooperation between the two sides. He stressed that according to the characteristics of industrial development of the two countries, cooperation should be strengthened in the following three key directions: first, to establish an information exchange mechanism and cooperation platform for offshore wind power, timely compile information on the development of the entire industrial chain of offshore wind power and business needs, and drive deep cooperation in the industry of the two countries; second, to take the needs as the guide, further strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, and promote the technological progress and cost reduction of both countries; and third, to strengthen the development and construction of offshore wind power cooperation projects, promote the construction of demonstration projects, develop complementary advantages, and drive close cooperation in production capacity between the two sides.

The Dutch delegation is composed of the representative companies of offshore wind power in the Netherlands, covering the whole industry chain of offshore wind power including foundation design, construction, installation of submarine cables, construction equipment, etc. for offshore wind turbines. The delegates introduced the main business and business development requirements of their respective companies. Ms. Agnes Agterberg said that she was very pleased to visit CREEI again after meeting in January. Offshore wind power is a key area for renewable energy development in the Netherlands. The Dutch government attaches great importance to the development of offshore wind power industry and has recently reset the industrial target from 1,000MW to 5,000MW for the year of 2023, and will invite first for bid for two 350MW offshore wind farms in 2015. She stressed that China and the Netherlands are rich in offshore wind energy resources with their industries in an opportunity to be urgently developed. The active promotion of the cooperation between the two countries in offshore wind power industry and production capacity would have a profound impact on the offshore wind power industry development of the both countries. Both sides should further confirm the specific cooperation areas and projects and accelerate the exchange and cooperation in the offshore wind power industry between the two countries, under the guidance of the governments of both sides.

At the meeting, the visiting guests were introduced to the development history, current situation and planning of offshore wind power in China, and the work of CREEI on offshore wind power industry planning, standard system management, information construction, etc.


Sino-Dutch Offshore Wind Power Exchange Conference