Deputy Director General Peng Tubiao Leads a Team to Cambodia for Special Consultation on Quality of

From Sept. 12 to 17, 2015, Mr. Peng Tubiao, Deputy Director General of CREEI, led a Team to Cambodia for special consultation on the quality of Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station. Mr. Wei Zhiyuan, Vice Chief Engineer, and Mr. Li Yangjia, Station Manager participated in this special quality consulting activity, with Ms. Yang Zeyan, Vice Chief Engineer as the head of the expert group.

Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station is the first special consultation on the quality of overseas hrydropower projects carried out by Hydropower Engineering Quality Supervision Station of CREEI. CREEI attached great importance to the special consultation work and established a capable team of experts. Mr. Peng Tubiao put forward specific requirements for the implementation of special consultation. The expert group inspected the construction site, reviewed the self-inspection reports of the participating parties, conducted discussions and exchanges with the participating parties, and checked part of the project archives and data. According to the inspection, the expert group carried out a review and evaluation of the quality management, engineering design quality and project physical quality of Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station Project, made relevant recommendations for the current construction status and the follow-up construction arrangements, and prepared a special quality consulting report.

Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station is located on the main stream of the Sesan River in the west mountain area of Stung Treng Province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The project is mainly for power generation. The reservoir has a normal water level of 75.00m, with a total storage capacity of 2.715 billion cubic meters for daily adjustment. The project has a total installed capacity of 400MW, connected to the Cambodian power grid. The hydropower project is mainly composed of the river bed gravity dam, overflow dam, riverbed powerhouse, left and right bank earth dams and concrete wing walls. The dam crest has a total length of 6500m, of which the riverbed concrete dam and the earth dam have a length of 464m and 6036m respectively and a maximum dam height of 56.5m and 35m respectively. Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station is currently the largest hydropower project ever built in the Kingdom of Cambodia, and the site is characterized by heavy rainstorms and strong sun exposure. Concrete placement and earth dam filling are greatly affected by weather conditions. The river was intercepted in January 2015, and the excavation of the dam foundation was completed and the earth dam filling and concrete pouring were started in April, 2015.

Lower Sesan-2 Hydropower Station was constructed by Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Co., Ltd. in the mode of BOT. In order to improve the construction quality, promote the smooth construction and reduce the risks of quality, safety and investment, the constructor entrusted Hydropower Engineering Quality Supervision Station of CREEI to carry out special quality consultation. At present, it is in the rainy season at the site, with the earth dam filling suspended and the concrete pouring in its busiest period. The quality advisory opinion focuses on more than 20 suggestions for further improving the project quality in the aspects of quality management system, control of filling materials, control of concrete pouring, flood control in the year of 2015, arrangement of phase III works, and safe and civilized construction. In the end, Mr. Peng Tubiao affirmed the accomplishments of the participating units in overcoming difficulties in a foreign country. It was believed that all parties could work hard to build a quality project. At the same time, he stated that Hydropower Engineering Quality Supervision Station should actively explore and summarize the methods and experience in special consultation on quality of foreign hydropower projects, so as to serve owners and projects better.


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