Deputy Director General Peng Tubiao Leads a Team to Cambodia for Special Consultation on Quality of

attended by the leaders and experts of more than 20 organizations including China Renewable Energy Society, National Renewable Energy Center, Wind Energy Association, Institute of Electrical Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Engineering Institute, Northwest Engineering Institute, Eastern China Engineering Institute, Chengdu Engineering Institute, Central South Engineering institute, Guiyang Engineering Institute, Fujian Engineering Institute, Qinghai Engineering Institute, Hebei Engineering Institute, Hubei Engineering Institute, Jilin Engineering Institute, Shanghai Engineering Institute, Jiangxi Engineering Institute, Henan Engineering Institute, Ningxia Engineering Institute, etc. Mr. Gu Hongbin, Deputy Director General of CREEI attended the meeting and made the opening speech.

Mr. Gu Hongbin first warmly welcomed the experts from IRENA, and briefly introduced China’s achievements in the fields of renewable energy industry planning, technical standard system development and information system construction. He pointed out that CREEI was the administration of renewable energy technologies in China and had established and maintained a long-term cooperation relationship with IRENA. He also said that this meeting was an important action for implementing the strategic cooperation between CREEI and IRENA in the field of renewable energy, and both sides should explore a broader space for cooperation in the areas of renewable energy maps, benchmarking of international standards, clean energy corridor planning, and cost analysis of renewable energy industries, and the gradual establishment of bilateral cooperation mechanisms would have a profound impact on the development of China's renewable energy industry.

The theme of the seminar includes the medium- and long-term development planning, technical standard system development and standard formulation for renewable energy. The domestic and foreign experts were invited to introduce the experience in development and standard system development for renewable energy in China and the representative international regions and countries, make discussions and exchanges on the way to enhance industry planning and standard system development, and preliminarily formed the minutes of meeting and the specific proposals for deep cooperation. It was proposed at the seminar that: 1) both sides should further strengthen cooperation in renewable energy planning on the basis of the planning and cost models; 2) China should further accelerate China's standard system development for offshore wind power, distributed PV and solar thermal power generation, and gradually establish a communication system for exchanges on national and international standards, through exchanges on international standard cooperation and implementation systems; and 3) both sides should substantially promote research work of both sides and related units (such as IEC.) on the global offshore wind power standard system, and provide strong supports for the development and technical progress of offshore wind power industry in China and the world.

IRENA is an international organization that aims to promote the development and utilization of renewable energy in the world. At present, it has 138 member countries. China officially joined the organization in January 2014. Cooperation with IRENA is of great significance to CREEI and Power China, and does not only help to improve CREEI’s influence in the international energy field, but also provides an important way for Power China to go global.


Deputy Director General Gu Hongbin Makes the Opening Speech


Meeting Scene