Deputy Director General Yi Yuechun Accompanies NEA Head to the Netherlands for Conference on Interna

From May 20 to 21, 2015, Mr. Nur Bekri, Deputy Director of China’s NDRC and Administrator of China’s NEA led a delegation to the Ministerial Conference on Energy Charter in The Hague, Netherlands, signed the Declaration of the International Energy Charter on behalf of the Government of China, and was invited to make a keynote speech at the opening ceremony. At the request of NEA, Mr. Yi Yuechun, Vice President of CREEI, attended the conference together with the delegation and visited Netherlands Enterprise Bureau (RVO) and Dutch offshore wind power companies.

The Energy Charter Organization is an international organization dedicated to strengthening multi-dimensional dialog among energy producers and consumers, between state and enterprises, and among enterprises, and promoting multilateral cooperation in energy, with its headquarters in Brussels. Its cooperation covers the entire energy industry chain, which involves energy investment promotion and protection, energy trade, cross-border energy transmission, dispute settlement and energy efficiency. China became an observer country of the organization in December 2001. In recent years, the two sides conducted extensive cooperation through personnel exchanges, seminars, and information exchange.

At the meeting, the Declaration of the International Energy Charter was passed. The declaration expands the organization's attention to new areas such as energy poverty alleviation. The declaration contains only a statement of principle and may be signed by any country that accepts the principle. All the member countries that signed the declaration will also be invited to participate in the revision of the Energy Charter Treaty of 1994 and reach consensus on the new version of the International Energy Charter. This signing of the Declaration of the International Energy Charter marks that China has changed from an invited observer country to an observer country, and has taken a new step on the road to international energy governance.

On May 22, 2015, Mr. Yi Yuechun also visited RVO, and made technical exchanges with the RVO officials on location of offshore wind farms and others. The two sides summed up their respective experience in the construction and development of offshore wind power, and discussed the details of the next cooperation between CREEI and RVO. The Chinese delegation also visited Fugro N.V., AEB Waste Power Stations, Dutch Power Grid Dispatch Center, and IHC under the leadership of RVO.


Conference Scene


Mr. Nur Bekri Signs the Declaration of the International Energy Charter


The Chinese Delegation Visits Shell Company


The Chinese Delegation Visits AEB Waste Power Station