Deputy Director General Gu Hongbin Attends the 2nd Session of Energy Working Group

On April 1, 2015, the second session of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Energy Working Group was held in Islamabad, Pakistan, to implement the instructions of the State Council, further promote the energy projects along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, solve the problems encountered in the current projects, and prepare for the visit of state leaders. Mr. Gu Hongbin, Deputy Director General of CREEI, on behalf of the leading unit of energy planning for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, accompanied Mr. Zhang Yuqing, Vice Administrator of NEA, attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Huazhong, Vice Chief Engineer of CREEI also paid a visit together.

According to the latest statistics of CREEI, in 2015, Seventeen energy projects were expected to be commenced for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, with a total installed capacity of 8,430MW, a coal production capacity of 9.1 million tons per year and an investment of 17.353 billion U.S. dollars. During the meeting, after negotiations between China and Pakistan, about ten projects were proposed to be included in the list of achievements for the high-level visit. The development and construction of these projects would contribute to the sustainable development of Pakistani economy, improve people’s livelihood, promote the common development and prosperity of the region, meet the development strategies of the two countries, help Pakistan realize the dream of building a strong country, and also help build a good external environment for the economic development and social stability of China. These energy projects would have obvious social benefits and surely become a bright one in the achievements for the high-level visit.

objective of opening up to the outside world, adhering to the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results, making overall plans and simultaneously promoting the follow-up of China’s financial services. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has extraordinary exemplary significance, and has provided a good match of the domestic production capacity with the foreign markets and a brand-new cooperation model for different regions, especially the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. As the leading unit of this corridor energy plan, CREEI would actively summarize valuable experience and continue to escort enterprises and the industry going global.


Chinese and Pakistani leaders Attend the Meeting


China and Pakistan Sides Discuss the Achievements for the High-level Visit