Deputy Director General Yuan Jianxin Attends the Consultation Review Meeting on Investment in Laos P

      From March 3 to 4, 2015, CREEI was invited by China Power New Energy Development Co., Ltd. to organize an expert group to participate in the consultation review meeting on investment in Phou Ngoy Hydropower Project of Laos, with the leaders, experts and representatives from China Three Gorges Corporation, China Power New Energy Development Co., Ltd., China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. (Power China), and Kunming Survey,Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. attending the meeting. Mr. Yuan Jianxin, Deputy Director General of CREEI attended the meeting and made an important speech.

Phou Ngoy Hydropower Station is located on the main Mekong River in Champasak Province, Laos. It is the eighth-stage in the eleventh-stage hydropower stations and between Baku Hydropower Station and Don Sahong Hydropower Station, which are upstream and downstream of Phou Ngoy Hydropower Station respectively. The initially planned dam of Phou Ngoy Hydropower Station was about 853km away from the mouth of the Mekong River to the sea, about 18km from Pakse City, with a controlled drainage area of 545,220 km2 at the dam site and an average annual flow of 9,860 m3/s.

Entrusted by China Power New Energy Development Co., Ltd., Kunming Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. conducted a deep research and analysis of the existing design and research achievements of Phou Ngoy Hydropower Station, and prepared the Pre-feasibility Study Report on Phou Ngoy Hydropower Station (first draft) in February 2015. The river bed development of the hydropower station is mainly for power generation and shipping. The initial normal reservoir level is 98m, with an initial installed capacity of 728MW and the average annual power generation of 3,246 GWh. The initial layout of the hydropower project is mainly composed of main buildings such as the river bed powerhouses on the left and right banks, the discharge sluice and ship lock on the right bank, the intermediate connecting rockfill dam section, and the fish passage structure.

The representatives from Kunming Survey, Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. introduced the contents of the report, and the experts discussed the basic information, market prospects, construction conditions, construction plans, project scale and potential risks of the project. It was agreed that the project had no technical restriction as a whole, and it was suggested that the investigation, design and research work be further strengthened. At the same time, research work should be made on the power market and investment policies to optimize the project economy.


Meeting Scene