Mr. Yi Yuechun Attends the 2nd Session of China-Thailand Joint Energy Working Group

On Feb. 10, 2015, the second session of the China-Thailand Joint Energy Working Group was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mr. Zhang Yuqing, Vice Administrator of NEA, and Mr. Kruget, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand, co-chaired the meeting. A total of more than 60 representatives from the government agencies and key enterprises in the energy sector of China and Thailand participated in this meeting. At the request of NEA, Mr. Yi Yuechun, Deputy Director General of CREEI, attended the meeting.

According to Mr. Kruget, the cooperation fields identified at the first meeting would be further divided this time, namely, into electric power field, nuclear power field, renewable energy field, energy efficiency field, biofuel technology field, and oil and gas field, and the cooperation in certain power projects and nuclear energy projects would be further deepened. Mr. Kruget hoped that the energy dialog between China and Thailand would form a normal and constructive dialog so that the Thai side could share China's energy technologies and practices. He believed that the second session would not only enable the two sides to work more closely together, but also allow the two sides to have a long way to go in future cooperation.

Mr. Zhang Yuqing stated that the energy cooperation between China and Thailand should be oriented toward all-round, deep-level and wide-area development. The platform of the China-Thailand Joint Working Group and the existing oil, nuclear and renewable energy technologies should be utilized to strengthen the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, and enabled the energy cooperation between the two countries to reach a new level. He put forward five proposals for the energy cooperation between China and Thailand: 1) to strengthen planning and increase cooperation between the two countries in electric power, especially under the framework of GMS; 2) to cooperate in power networking and power trade, and promote interconnection and communication throughout the region; 3) to pioneer and innovate, and promote cooperation in the oil and gas field to a new level; 4) to promote equipment exports through technology cooperation; and 5) to actively carry out demonstration projects, promote cooperation in technical standards, and strengthen personnel training.

Afterwards, the officials of the governments of the two countries carried out practical exchanges and shared experience on the areas of cooperation. Mr. Yi Yuechun conducted an in-depth communication with Mr. Chavalit Pichalai, Director General of Department of Energy Policy and Planning of Ministry of Energy of Thailand, and Mr. Pnoopat Leesombatpiboon, Director General of International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Energy of Thailand. Both sides expressed their hope to strengthen policies and plans for renewable energy, implement practical communication and exchanges on the on-grid tariff mechanism, technology, etc. in the future, and hold seminars in due course. Mr. Yi Yuechun expressed that he hoped to take the opportunity of the China-Thailand Joint Energy Working Group to build a platform and channel for communication between the two sides and further promote the cooperation projects.

The third session of the China-Thailand Joint Energy Working Group will be held in China in 2015.


Representatives of the second session of China-Thailand Joint Energy Working Group


Scene of the Second Session of China-Thai Energy Joint Working Group